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I have finally completed some of the updates I have been trying to get done for a long time.
I have added an Audio Sermons button to the menu bar.  This is a link to all of the audio files
on the website.  I have saved the old files and design just as it was under Archived  Sermons.
The sermons I have recently added (about 50) are on the Audio Sermons button.  
I also changed the Articles Page and added about 25 new articles  (plenty more to come) ENJOY.


Christ Focused Service....
Each month on the first Sunday, we have a special "Christ Focused" service.  All of our worship is, of course, focused on Christ, but we have a special Christ focused lesson that leads directly to the Lord's Supper, to help us focus on the purpose of our communion with the Lord.  We have audio files of some of these Christ focused lessons for your benefit.  They are 10 - 20 minutes long. Click Here

Gospel Singing...
For our Sunday evening service, on the first Sunday evening of each month, we spend our time singing praise to the Lord.  We sing as a congregation with different brethren leading the songs.  At different times we have a scripture in between the songs.  It's great to sometimes get our teaching and admonishing in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Come visit on the first Sunday night in the month to join in.
Have a listen to this series on The Christain Home.  This series talks about responsibilities of each member of the family and how to resolve family conflicts.  This is MUST HAVE info!  Click here
Check out the twelve lesson series on the Life of The Apostle Paul.  This is a very extensive look at the life and work of Saul of Tarus, The Apostle Paul.  Click here

Here is a series on evidences called Science and The Bible.  This is a series that many people find very interesting.  These lessons look at the scientific foreknowledge of the Bible.  Click here
Please E-Mail us with your contact information.  We will not share your information with others.  We may, however, from time to time notify of special events or happenings that you may be interested in.  We have a FREE correspondence course we would love to send you and/or a DVD called "Searching For Truth" simply request in your e-mail!      THANKS.
Spring Meeting 2014

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