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Short Talks
These are mini sermons 5 - 15 minutes long, covering a variety of topics and illustrations.
Christ Focused
These are short sermons 15 - 25 minutes long focused on the subject of Jesus Christ.
SermonsThere are a variety of subject matters, an they vary in length from 20 - 55 minutes.
An Unchanging God In A Changing World
Ben Berry
I Am Going To A City Where The Roses Never Fade
Ron Pierce
Chris Cozzens
Measuring Spiritual Maturity
Jeff Middendorf
Redemption Of The Cross
Lloyd Burton
Soldier, Athlete, Farmer
Bob Mathews
If You Don't Know Where You Are Going Any Road Will Get You There
Josh Tipton
More Than Conquerors
Alan Steele
The Power of Prayer
Jordan Tipton
Would You Recognize Jesus?
Bowen Steele
What If Jesus Had Called Ten Thousand Angels?
Alan Steele
In The Desert of Sorrow and Sin
Scott Gravitt
Family of Jesus
Bob Mathews
Prince of Peace
Chris Cozzens
Story of Jesus
Neil Craig
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Ron Pierce
Who Do You Think Jesus Is?
Keith Tipton
Sermons by Charles Pike
A Series On The Life of The Apostle Paul
Paul's Life Before
His Conversion
Paul's First
Paul's Second
Paul's Third
Paul's Arrest
In Jerusalem
Other Sermons
Sermons by Alan Steele
A Series On Science And The Bible
Science and The Bible Part I
Science and The Bible Part II
Science and The Bible Part III
Standing On The
Promises of God
Wrong Is Wrong
We Are Able
God Helps With Our
Put Your Trust
In God
According To
The Pattern
Other Sermons
Why Did Jesus Curse
The Fig Tree?
The Truth About
The Miracles of Jesus
Seven Strange Things
About People
More Audio Sermons
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Sermons From Our Gospel Meeting with
Gale Towles
Singing From The Heart
Jordan Tipton
A Way That Seemeth Right
Morris Brown
The Role of Questions
Bob Mathews
More Short Talks
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Paul's Conference In Jerusalem
Paul In
Paul's Voyage
To Rome
Paul's First
Roman Captivity
Jesus Made Perfect
Chris Cozzens
Paul-Between 1st and 2nd
Roman Captivity
Paul's Second
Roman Captivity
Jesus The King
Jeff MIddendorf
Gospel Meetings
The Greatest Supper
Ron Pierce
Jesus A Man of Sorrow
Neil Craig
Lord Was It I?
Alan Steele
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