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Sermon Outlines
Here are some sermon outlines that might be of use to you.  They are from a variety of sources.
For now, I am posting some of the outlines I have used.  Also, some of these are from short talks my son has done.  I will gather outlines from the other preaching brethren at Pisgah Church of Christ and post them.  For now, I hope these help.  Please overlook spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other mistakes.  I did not originally intend these for publication.  Please e-mail me with questions, comments or suggestions. 


Almost Persuaded To Be A Christian

The Story of Desert Pete

Don't Be A Lemming

Lord, Please Don't Let The Steelers Win

Five Things From High School Needed In The Church

Five Things From The World Needed In The Church

Five Things From Sports Fans Needed In The Church

Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All

How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

Jesus Is The Center

When There Was Joy In The Church

Just One More Year

More Than Conquerors

It Ain't Over Till It's Over
Olympic Terminology Used In The Bible

The Parable of The Life Saving Station

Serving Left-Overs To A Gourmet God

Standing In The Gap

The Starfish Story

Twice Owned

The Unstoppable Object And The Inmoveable Force
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