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Audio Sermons

Here are some audio sermons by various speakers.  We do not have a person who monitors the input at this time, so the quality of the recordings vary with the vocal patters of the various speakers.  Therefore, some when you listen to some of the recordings, you will need to turn the volume way up (MAX).  You may not need to do this on some of the others.  I hope to be able to do a better job monitoring and adjusting this in the future.  We hope you will enjoy, be instructed, edified and helped by these sermons.
These include our Wednesday Evening Short Talks and our periodic "Christ-Focused" Sermons.
Act Like Men -- Ben Berry
Angry Words -- Charles Pike
Are You Prepared For The Challenge -- Chris Cozzens
Are You Prepared For Your Final -- Jordan Tipton
Bible Bees -- Charles Pike
CF What Would We Do -- Neil Craig
CF Who Is It -- Neil Craig
Disappointments New Christians Face -- Charles Pike
Do I Have To Be A Member of The Church -- Charles Pike
Drifting -- Ben Berry
How To Build A Great Church -- Charles Pike
Is Your Heart Right With God -- Charles Pike
Jesus Can Give You Peace -- Charles Pike
Lessons From Little Creatures -- Charles Pike
Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In Me -- Charles Pike
Meekness, Gentleness and Humility -- Scott Gravitt
Reflections -- Bowen Steele
Reflections -- Neil Craig
Repeating Naaman's Mistake -- Charles Pike
Repentance -- Charles Pike
Right Man, Wrong Man -- Ron Pierce
Saul of Tarsus -- Charles Pike
Seven Steps -- Josh Tipton
ST Act Of Valor -- Josh Mathews
ST Always Faithful -- Josh Mathews
ST Am I Ready To Die -- Josh Tipton
ST Do We Even Care -- Jordan Tipton
ST Prayer -- Chris Cozzens
ST Disciple's Prayer -- Neil Craig
ST Time -- Scott Gravitt
ST Why Jesus Is Worthy of  Praise -- Ron Pierce
The Bible (Director's Cut) -- Bowen Steele
The Parable of The Life Saving Station -- Alan Steele
The Problem of Sin -- Charles Pike
Titles of Jesus -- Charles Pike
Walking With God -- Charles Pike
Watching Our Weight -- Chris Cozzens
What A Friend We Have In Jesus -- Chris Cozzens
What Shall I Do With Jesus -- Charles Pike
Why Be A Christian -- Charles Pike
You Don't Have Long To Live -- Charles Pike