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Short Talks
These are mini sermons 5 - 15 minutes long, covering a variety of topics and illustrations.
Christ Focused
These are short sermons 15 - 25 minutes long focused on the subject of Jesus Christ.
These are regular sermons.  There are a variety of subject matters, an they vary in length from 20 - 55 minutes.
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The Way of Unity
Dying With The Phillistines
Christian Disposition
Actions Have Consequences
by Morris Brown
Three Wise Men
by Bob Mathews
You Can't Take It With You
by Ron Pierce
First Things First
Leave Us Alone
The Power of The Word
God's Will For Me
by Scott Gravitt
by Chris Cozzens
Two Great Commandments
by Chris Cozzens
Fear of God
Ron Pierce
Help When Facing Temptations
Jeff Middendorf
Model Prayer
Jordan Tipton
Are We Fighting
Against Evil

Josh Tipton
Be Careful
What We Say

Keith Tipton
What Difference
Does It Make

Morris Brown
Jordan Tipton
1 Samuel 27 - 31
Neil Craig
the Call

Keith Tipton
Contrary Winds
Alan Steele
Why I Need Jesus
Measure of a Strong Church
If You Had One More Day
The Fruit of the Spirit
Morally Right Religously Wrong
Three Giant Steps
by Neil Craig
Serving Leftovers To a Gourmet God
by Alan Steele
Know Your Enemy
by Benjamin Berry
Guarding Our Heart
by Morris Brown
Why Does God Allow Temptations
Jeff Middendorf
Having A Desire
Bob Mathews
Daniel 51:4
Ron Pierce
Am I Your Father
Josh Tipton
Fishers of Men
Bob Mathews
Free Will Choice
Ron Pierce
In God We Trust
Alan Steele
Welcome To
Pisgah Church of Christ
7450 Dimmick Road, West Chester, oh  45069