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Here are some articles on a wide variety of subjects.  For the most part, they are short and easy reads.  Many of these articles appeared in the Pisgah Church of Christ weekly bulletin.  We plan to continue to ad articles on various subjects.  If you would like to submit an article to have it considered for inclusion in our bulletin and/or on the website, please feel free to e-mail it to me below.   As always feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have about the information posted on our website.
Bringing Up Children In A Whole New Millenium
A Series by Alan Steele

Bringing up Children In A Whole New Millenium
They Have Mobile Devices Now
What Does Modest Apparel Mean Anyway
Why Is It Important To Marry A Christian
Find Your Children In Cyberspace

Extra Lives -- Ben Berry
Everything To Me  -- Scott Johnson
How Can We Know True Goodness -- Steve Ham
Learning Math & Etc -- Kevin Cauley
Can We Learn From The Devil? --  Ben Berry
Psalms:  The Cry Of Our Hearts -- Scott Johnson
Considering The Outcome -- Bill Hall
67% Chance The Bible Is Wrong -- Doug Long
A Bad Bargain -- John Wright
A Church That Could Care Less -- Dan Gully
A Cross With Wheels -- Steve Higgenbotham
A Glass Of Milk -- Tim Woodward
A Great Pair Of Hands -- Dan Gully
A Letter To The IRS -- Mike King
A Little May Go A Long Way -- Dee Bowman
A Strong Delusion -- Gary McDade
Being Fishers of Men -- Mike King
Beware Of The Dog -- Michael Smith
Big Lessons From Little Things -- Alan Steele
Changes In The Church -- Alan Steele
Do-Over -- Walter Clark
Does God Harden Hearts -- Unknown
Don't Hurt Your Temple -- Ben Berry
Five More Minutes -- Unknown
I Remember -- Alan Steele
Ingnorance and Apathy Destroy The Church --
      Douglass Hoff

Only Players Get Paid -- Stephen Harper